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5. February 2018

GENERAL ELECTRIC F9E Gas Turbine Exhaust System installed in Takoradi

Takoradi It took only 42 days to dismantle the old Braden Exhaust System and assemble & install the the new D5000 Exhaust System, a system perfectly suitable for the GE F9E Gas Turbine, Stephen Owusu the Plant Manager said. Compact Global Managing Director Peter A. Prochazka had a walk through the plant and admired the quality of the installation works. We are proud having executed this installation with an African team never did such a complicated work. The rotor of the gas turbine will be back installed in April thus we can set the power plant back to operation in May this year, Richard Oppong Mensah, the Director of Thermal Generation said.

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4. January 2018

Siemens projects De Warnes and Del Sur – Launch of Installation

Del Sur Eight Exhaust Systems SGT 800 were delivered in time to the both sites Del Sur and De Warnes in time, Roland Nesler the Project Manager said. The 56 sea freight containers were shipped from Cat Lay Port in Vietnam to Arica in Chile. From here the Exhaust Systems were transported on trucks to the both site location.

The assembly & installation on both sites started middle of December 2017. We have a very good progress with the assembly & installation thus we can convert the first gas turbine unit to the new Exhaust System in the second half of February followed with the conversion of the other units every 14 days, Jack Kelly the COMPACT Global site manager said. 

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3. January 2018

Ansaldo Energia V94.2 Exhaust System ready to ship

Vung Tau We are very proud about the new Gas Turbine Diffuser, Yura Forti the COMPACT Global QS Manager said. The new acoustic design will attenuate the low frequencies the both combustion chambers of the Gas Turbine generate. A complex vibro-acoustic study were run and a technology developed which significantly reduce heat radiation and body borne sound. Our ambition is to deliver E, F and H-Class Gas Turbine Diffusers not demanding any acoustic enclosure anymore, Werner Raimund the Head of Design of COMPACT Global said. Of course this new technology for which we apply for a patent currently provides a huge benefit to our customers, because the customer’s savings on acoustic enclosures goes into millions of USD over a business year.

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28. June 2017

COMPACT Global goes South America

Chile It is time for Localization - the strategy of COMPACT Global is to team up with their sales partners and take the business closer to the customers. We want to become a local supplier in a number of selected countries in the South America, Juan José Prera the International Sales Manager of COMPACT Global said. South America is an important market for us, because the energy demand is growing in the countries of the south cone, specifically in Argentina where  the government awarded 2,900MW last year in thermal generation contracts and in recent months has also tendered for at least 1,000MW of renewable energy supply, in a bid to start expanding and renewing generating capacity. 

The general manager of Andina Turbomecánica Mr. Nicolas Pic signed the Strategy Contract with COMPACT Global in order to cover the After Market sales as well as new power plant projects that will require Exhaust Systems for Simple and Combined Cycle Power Plants. Andina Turbomécanica will attend Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia and Peru.

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19. May 2017

GE903 Exhaust System Factory Acceptance Test by Volta River Authority

Vung Tau Takoradi Power Station in operation since 18 years order a new Exhaust Gas System for unit 1 of its General Electric Frame 9E gas turbine. Fredrik Bok of Afriqventure, the consultant of Volta River Authority reported about none acceptable heat radiation of the entire Braden made Exhaust System with tremendous Diverter leakages. It is a turn-key delivery. We replace the old unit within 42 days counted from the arrival of the 17 sea-freight containers to site, Jack Kelly COMPACT Global’s site manager said. The Method Statements and Risk Assessment prepared incorporating each and every single work step. A strategically perfect planning Stephen Owusu of VRA said.

On the workshop floor in Vietnam all operations of the Diverter were successfully simulated and controlled by the Local Control System. The new Diverter power train in combination with GRAVIMOV® and COMPACTdrive performed in both operation speeds. COMPACTdrive is a hydraulic actuator development demanding only 4 kW electrical power to operate this huge Diverter. The challenge of this project was to combine all i&O signals of the old DCS with all operation information the Local Control Panel nowadays provide for the operator, said Daniel Rohrer the COMPACT Global project manager on this project.

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17. May 2017

Siemens projects De Warnes and Del Sur – Launch of Production

Vung Tau Siemens IPPS in Vienna ordered eight Exhaust Systems SGT 800 for the both projects in July 2016. All units together having a shipping weight of 800 tons PACK & GO™ in 56 sea-freight containers, Martin Lortie the VP of COMPACT Global’s fabrication partner Metacor said.

GRAVIMOV® assists the electric actuator thus only 25000 Nm for the counter weight balanced Diverter Flap are necessary. NEVEXseal® the Diverter life-time lasting seal system makes the Exhaust Gas System maintenance free. All new technologies are incorporated in the Exhaust Gas Systems. The documentation were prepared in the fore-field of fabrication, among those the Assembly & Installation Instruction, said Roland Nesler COMPACT Globals’s project manager on this project. The assembly and installation will be under our supervision. The journey for the units from Vietnam across the Bolivian Aden will take about 2 months whereas the assembly and installation is planned with 3 weeks.

The Factory Acceptance Test will be with complete assemble Diverter and INCONTROL. All joining parts will be test assembled on the workshop floor. This insurers the three weeks assembly and installation time. The shut down for the conversion of the existing Gas Turbines is planned with 7 days only. The shortest period ever focused for such a work, Peter Prochazka the Managing Director of COMPACT Global said.

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16. May 2017

First SGT-800 on route from Sweden to Bolivia

Two Siemens SGT-800 industrial gas turbines, manufactured in Sweden, have started their 16,000km journey to the Termoeléctrica del Sur combined-cycle gas power plant (CCPP) in Bolivia. These two are the frontrunners of a larger order that comprises a total of 14 gas and steam turbines. Once installed, they will expand the capacity of three Ende Andina-run CCPPs, adding more than one Gigawatt to the Bolivian National Grid.

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23. April 2017

COMPACT Global moves into a new office

Lustenau The new office concept provides more open space with the luxury of relaxing areas. Latest communication technologies were installed to be daily in touch with our subsidiaries in India and USA. The IT infrastructure and security was reworked. Our data’s are now daily stored in two different external data center. In terms of our risk management in conjunction with the rewriting of our ISO9001:2015 an ultimate data security is implemented.

The Rheintal Competence Center where the new office is located improves the work environment massively. Lustenau, right on the border to Switzerland gives a short distance to Zurich and Altenrhein Airport and is easy to reach by the motorway A14 on the Austrian side and the A13 on the Swiss side.

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16. April 2016

Diverter for Lukoil Usinsk and Yarega CCPP

Moscow In the vastness of Russia distances do not count. The Republic of Komi, 1650 km North East of Moscow, the places Usinsk and Yarega, are the destinations of the seven Diverters for two power stations Lukoil build for the development of fields on the Russia’s Arctic continental shelf. Over ice roads the equipment was transported to the terrain where winter temperatures can reach - 40 °C and below.

This project is a major step into the Russian market, said Pavel Stefanishin who operates COMPACT Global’s hub in Moscow. The contract for this projects was signed with ZIO in Podolsk, one of the major HRSG supplier in Russia. The Diverters are equipped with GRAVIMOV® the new Diverter powertrain and NEVEXseal® the touch free seal seat. The Diverters and all auxiliaries were shipped PACK & GO™. The customer’s site team assembled the equipment using our 3-D assembly manuals. The instructions are so clear and easy to understand that an additional site support is not necessary anymore.   

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15. November 2015

Vivablast widen its service into the energy sector

Saigon Mr. Dieu and his service team visited a number of power station, introduced the new services and gain already a marvelous feedback. For more than 15 years, Vivablast is the industrial assets life solution provider in Vietnam, well known by all major industry leaders in Vietnam and adjacent countries. We have been servicing huge industrial projects from construction phase to maintenance programs. With the technology COMPACT Global transfers to us, we widen our activities into the energy sector, Boris Vivares the general manager of Vivablast said. The service program COMPACT Global offers is an ideal add-on for the boiler services Vivablast already provides.

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