16. April 2016

Diverter for Lukoil Usinsk and Yarega CCPP

Moscow In the vastness of Russia distances do not count. The Republic of Komi, 1650 km North East of Moscow, the places Usinsk and Yarega, are the destinations of the seven Diverters for two power stations Lukoil build for the development of fields on the Russia’s Arctic continental shelf. Over ice roads the equipment was transported to the terrain where winter temperatures can reach - 40 °C and below.

This project is a major step into the Russian market, said Pavel Stefanishin who operates COMPACT Global’s hub in Moscow. The contract for this projects was signed with ZIO in Podolsk, one of the major HRSG supplier in Russia. The Diverters are equipped with GRAVIMOV® the new Diverter powertrain and NEVEXseal® the touch free seal seat. The Diverters and all auxiliaries were shipped PACK & GO™. The customer’s site team assembled the equipment using our 3-D assembly manuals. The instructions are so clear and easy to understand that an additional site support is not necessary anymore.   

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