19. May 2017

GE903 Exhaust System Factory Acceptance Test by Volta River Authority

Vung Tau Takoradi Power Station in operation since 18 years order a new Exhaust Gas System for unit 1 of its General Electric Frame 9E gas turbine. Fredrik Bok of Afriqventure, the consultant of Volta River Authority reported about none acceptable heat radiation of the entire Braden made Exhaust System with tremendous Diverter leakages. It is a turn-key delivery. We replace the old unit within 42 days counted from the arrival of the 17 sea-freight containers to site, Jack Kelly COMPACT Global’s site manager said. The Method Statements and Risk Assessment prepared incorporating each and every single work step. A strategically perfect planning Stephen Owusu of VRA said.

On the workshop floor in Vietnam all operations of the Diverter were successfully simulated and controlled by the Local Control System. The new Diverter power train in combination with GRAVIMOV® and COMPACTdrive performed in both operation speeds. COMPACTdrive is a hydraulic actuator development demanding only 4 kW electrical power to operate this huge Diverter. The challenge of this project was to combine all i&O signals of the old DCS with all operation information the Local Control Panel nowadays provide for the operator, said Daniel Rohrer the COMPACT Global project manager on this project.

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