17. May 2017

Siemens projects De Warnes and Del Sur – Launch of Production

Vung Tau Siemens IPPS in Vienna ordered eight Exhaust Systems SGT 800 for the both projects in July 2016. All units together having a shipping weight of 800 tons PACK & GO™ in 56 sea-freight containers, Martin Lortie the VP of COMPACT Global’s fabrication partner Metacor said.

GRAVIMOV® assists the electric actuator thus only 25000 Nm for the counter weight balanced Diverter Flap are necessary. NEVEXseal® the Diverter life-time lasting seal system makes the Exhaust Gas System maintenance free. All new technologies are incorporated in the Exhaust Gas Systems. The documentation were prepared in the fore-field of fabrication, among those the Assembly & Installation Instruction, said Roland Nesler COMPACT Globals’s project manager on this project. The assembly and installation will be under our supervision. The journey for the units from Vietnam across the Bolivian Aden will take about 2 months whereas the assembly and installation is planned with 3 weeks.

The Factory Acceptance Test will be with complete assemble Diverter and INCONTROL. All joining parts will be test assembled on the workshop floor. This insurers the three weeks assembly and installation time. The shut down for the conversion of the existing Gas Turbines is planned with 7 days only. The shortest period ever focused for such a work, Peter Prochazka the Managing Director of COMPACT Global said.

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