Since decades we have been known for the best damper design. Louver-, flap-, tandem, or guillotine dampers of various seal systems up to 100 % gas-tightness. For stack dampers, smaller gas turbine plant and blanking plates we continuously applied the design. We re-launched the range of products to service our clients who are building coal fired power station and other industrial plants.



We deliver dampers for any kind of air and hot-gas control and shut-off to the Oil & Gas and Power Generation branches, and also to waste incinerator plants, to the cement industries, chemical and process industries as well as to steel mills. We design the dampers specifically to the sizes and in any steel quality the client demands for his application. All drive components whether manual, electric, pneumatic or hydraulic are used to suit clients specification.



We deliver the design & project management only to suits clients budgets so clients can build the dampers based on our 3-D models and detailed workshop drawings. We provide the  project & purchase management, fabrication supervision and quality control and of course the warranty.