When we introduced the first modulating diverter 1996 to the market,  we launched a innovation process which lead us to the today third diverter generation.  No hydraulic drive systems even for giant diverter, unlimited modulation even for smallest modulation angle < 2°, touch-free seal seat, non sealing air consuming landing bars – all patented design's.



GRAVIMOV® - the new diverter powertrain. A counter weight balanced powertrain makes hydraulic drive systems obsolete. Our contribution for less investments, a diverter with drastically reduced maintenance cost and far less power consumption. 
The diverter flap design provides overflow openings in any modulating position by a specific distance between the top end of the flap and the shaft. The crossing over flow enhances the modulating efficiency, reduces HRSG pre-heating time, provides pre-heating over the entire heater surface with benefit to the HRSG life-time and for quicker full power on grid.



Tremenduous savings for each diverter over its life-time. Lamella seals are required in any specification about diverter. Lamella seals do not last long. Energy losses are pre-programmed. High grad alloy lamellas costing a lot of money, the shut down of the gas turbine for the exchange of the lamellas seals the multiple. Since years we were searching about a better solution than lamella seals. With our recently patented free floating none segmented seal seat we developed the touch-free seal seat. Once installed it keeps forever. And forever gas tight.