Gas Turbine Exhaust System

Gas Turbine Exhaust System

Build for simple or combined cycle operation, a gas turbine exhaust system incorporates flow dynamic, thermal and acoustic design.  Different operation modes of a gas turbine power station are mandatory to react on different load demand. A Bypass System provides this operation flexibility and in case of a HRSG mal-function, with a quick change back to simple cycle operation, a Bypass System provides grid stability.


Pack & Go Exhaust System

Pack & Go stands for a modular panel system, ideal for low cost transportation. 5 to 6 panels sitting in a transport rack side by side stored in a transport container. The rack is designed for multiple handling and lifting.  The completely insulated and cladded panels having flanges all around and are of bolted design. With a special gasket in between the flanges the panels will be bolted at the corner and duct section to duct section. No welding work at site, no damaged coating. Pack & Go makes installation time shorter hence more efficient.


Internal Insulation

Cladding sheet by cladding sheet is sitting in a frame. Every cladding sheet has a backside stiffener which is grapping in the insulation. The cladding sheet has no other fixation than the around going frame hence it oscillates  once excited. Its damping characteristics are close to a plate resonator and attenuates low frequencies. 
The number of fixings to the cold casing have been reduced by 50 % to minimize the  heat transfer and structure-born sound.