Silencer baffles costing more and by their huge pressure drop having significant influence on the operation efficiency. Silencer baffles  have been the solution in the past. Often they failed to damp the low frequencies, they also failed because of the huge mechanical load they have to take by their shear size; load causes due to operation pressure, turbulent flow, shock temperature and due to thermal based elongation.



The RESONABTOR® is a very complex and high effective labyrinth system. This 3-D sound dissipating system uses the physical features of reflection, diffraction and refraction.  The direct and the reflected wave superimposes on emission, this leads to destructive interference hence to sound level decreases. Diffraction is a mechanism that let the sound energy follow the shape  of the extremity and lead the sound wave into shadow zones. Edge refraction means exponential splitting into particles with the same frequency are superimposed according to the scattering of the direct beam.


Flow straigthener

The RESONABTOR® has a central absorber and resonator sections at front and back. The orientation of two by two, the dependence of width and length creates two different absorber depth which is ideal to attenuate low and high frequencies. The geometrical form works as flow straightener. Thereto the pressure drop of the RESONABTOR® is about 50 % lower comparing to historical silencer baffles.